Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are cylindrical in shape and made from compressed wood. They are fused by the natural lignin present in dry wood. It strengthens the wood as well as having water proofing properties.

Pellets have a very low moisture content, which helps consistent combustion efficiency, as during the burning of fuel, any water content must be evapourated before combustion can occur. This process requires energy, and therefore reduces overall system efficiency. Pellets are additionally very dense. Both these qualities make them a good source of energy.

Renewable fuel

Wood Pellet Timber is sourced from managed forests (i.e. where trees are planted to replace the ones cut down), wood pellets are classed as a carbon neutral source of fuel.

How are pellets delivered?

Our Woodpellets are delivered in a purpose built silo tanker lorry complete with mechanical dust extraction blown direct into your hopper. Pellets can be delivered from 1-20 tonnes at a time.

Antidust pellets

To maintain the good working order of the boiler is essential to have a good quality pellet that limits the amount of dust. Thats why we have linked in with a German delivery company and are using their expertise in the UK. We have invested in the plant and machinery to deliver an antidust wood pellet, and set up The Wood Pellet Delivery Company. Please call us for information on pellet deliveries on 01493 800662.

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